FCM Reports

Fitness Club Manager includes a Report Manager that presents you with over 60 reports organized in categories so you can find your reports easily.  You can also flag your favorite reports that you like to run daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly.  Many reports include parameters that you can select before actually running a report such as membership statuses, start and end dates, and includes optional charts and graphs on the report.

Once the FCM Report Window is displayed (see below) you have several functions you can do:  resize the report window, zoom in/out on report, full text search in the report, print the report, export the report to Microsoft Word, Excel or Adobe PDF file.


FCM Report Manager

The FCM Report Manager window displays the list of reports for each report category.  You may also designate a report as a daily favorite that you like to run daily, a weekly favorite that you like to run weekly, and monthly, quarterly and yearly favorites as well.  Running a selected report will display the FCM Reports Parameter window.


Report Parameters

You can select parameters on most of the FCM reports.  The parameters help to select more specific information that you would like to report.


FCM Report Window

The FCM Report Window displays your report.  Within this window you can review your report, search for text, print your report and even export your report to popular Microsoft Office applications such as Excel and Word.  An Adobe PDF file format is also provided for exporting your report.

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