Application Development Services

Spirit of Computing Ltd. specializes in developing Windows-based applications using leading-edge tools such as Microsoft's VB.NET, C#.NET, ADO.NET and Crystal Reports.  We have 25+ years experience in software development and am highly dedicated in meeting our clients' needs.  Our experience has been in 2 areas: oil and gas application development and support, and in developing Windows-based applications for the fitness industry.  We also have expertise in developing Microsoft Access applications using VBA.

   Software Products

Fitness Club Manager

The first product that Spirit of Computing has developed and released in 2003 is the Fitness Club Manager.  Fitness Club Manager is a club management system that maintains a membership database, provides member check-in services, can be used to process your monthly membership dues, and more!  For more information on Fitness Club Manager click here.  For testimonials from club owners click here.

FCM Point-Of-Sale System

The FCM Point-Of-Sale System is a full-feature POS program that integrates with the Fitness Club Manager membership database.  This program provides complete inventory management features, Point-Of-Sale transaction processing and Revenue and Expense reporting.  For more information on FCM Point-Of-Sale click here.

FCM Facility Manager

Spirit of Computing has also developed a scheduling/booking system that is integrated with the Fitness Club Manager memberships.  The FCM Facility Manager provides scheduling capabilities for courts, fitness classes, personal training and more.  For more information on FCM Facility Manager click here.

Bar Code Scanner DLL
Are you a software developer looking for a bar code scanner solution?  If so, perhaps the solution we have developed for our Fitness Club Manager Suite is just what you need!   Our developer's barcode scanner DLL supports barcode scanners on USB ports as well as serial ports.  Save yourself the time and trouble of developing this software yourself!  Contact us about our Bar Code Scanner DLL that you can purchase and license with your own software application.

   About Us

Spirit of Computing Ltd. is a Canadian software company based in Calgary, Alberta.  The company started as a dream by a single programmer who wanted to enjoy software development more and create a company according to his own vision of developing interesting and challenging applications using exciting, leading-edge software tools.  The company became a success with the release of the first software product, Fitness Club Manager, in 2003!  Now Spirit of Computing has several software products for the fitness club industry with plans for expanding into on-line services.

   Company Vision

Spirit of Computing Ltd. holds the vision of developing dependable, functional and affordable software applications for the world!  We use leading-edge software tools which give our clients the greatest benefits in technology capabilities and also gives our developers exciting technologies to learn and use.  We are totally dedicated to our customers' satisfaction!


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